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Florida Net Branch Opportunity

Are you a mortgage branch manager or a successful loan officer in Florida?

Join a Florida Mortgage Broker with a great reputation.

Please take a few minutes to review our net branch program. It could be the best move you make.

Contact us today for complete details about why being a mortgage broker is the best decision today!.







Net Branch Mortgage







Florida Net Branch

The net branch broker sector of the industry will become more important as new legislation and regulation forces many mortgage loan officers to turn away from joining large national lenders in order to compete.

Producing loan officers will have to find a better solution as their current companies continue to cut their income.

Learn more about our net branch opportunity for branch managers and successful mortgage loan officers!

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this Florida Net Branch Plan Could be your solution

Are you ready to take the next step in your career?

We are hiring successful Florida branch managers and mortgage originators with a proven track record in cities through the provide FHA, VA, USDA, Conventional, and Reverse mortgage loan programs to their clients.

We can help provide you with the tools you need to succeed.  With years of branch setup and administration experience we connect you with a proven system that best meets your needs.


Our Mortgage Net Branch
Opportunity for Florida professionals is the best available.

What is important to you?

Low Cost Branch Start Up Fees Competitive Rates
Experienced Management Team Leading Edge Technology
Recruiting Income Health Benefits Available
Payroll Established Florida Company
Established Company Higher Commission


FHA Mortgage Lender

Join a Florida Mortgage Broker with decades of experience: FHA, VA, USDA, Reverse, and Conventional loans.

What is important to you:

  • branch accounting and payroll
  • loan level quality control
  • full compliance
  • LOS and back office technology
  • investor relations
  • administration services

Not all companies are the same - we help you determine what is BEST FOR YOU by structuring a compensation plan that is unique to your experience.

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Mortgage Broker - Net Branch Opportunity - Florida
We are seeking experienced net branch managers and loan officers in all Florida cities.


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Mortgage Net Branch Articles

Net Branch - How important is FHA?

Up until 18 months ago most people would have said - not so much! Today it’s another story. With the Fed take over of Fannie and Freddie comes a very strict requirement for the two agencies to cut their portfolios by over 60%. This will mean less lending and more restrictive criteria for both agencies.


Why Virtual Mortgage Net Branch?


A virtual net branch - web based loan origination system. Is using a web based loan origination system really better that a PC based system like Byte or Point?


Looking for a net branch company?

There is good news and bad news. The good news is that the number of companies that you have to choose from has been cut in half in the last 12 months. The bad news is that the number of companies that you have to choose from has been cut in half in the last 12 months. Why is this both good and bad news?
Is the net branch company you are with closing it’s doors?

If your net branch company is currently a HUD approved lender the new HUD rule will increase the minimum net worth by 4 times. The old net worth requirement was $250,000, the new one is $1,000,000 plus 1% of volume for mortgage lenders that generate....

1099 vs W-2 employee for a mortgage net branch

This is a very important topic that many net branch companies do not want to address.

Looking for more information?
Read our mortgage blog.

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Originate FHA/ VA, USDA,
Reverse, and Conforming.

You will have a full
.... range of loan
.... products available.

Florida Net Branch Opportunity.

Your branch office is easy to operate with our.web based loan origination .system.